Figure 4 PRO-BLK 10
Figure 4 PRO-BLK 10
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Figure 4 PRO-BLK 10

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Versatile Rigid Heat-Resistant Material Combines Speed, Strength, Excellent Mechanical Properties for Tool-Less, Direct Production of Plastic Parts

Figure 4® PRO-BLK 10 delivers on the promise of additive manufacturing with true direct digital production of plastic parts. Go from CAD to manufacturing line in one day with tool-less, same day part production. With a fast print speed and simplified post-processing that includes a single curing cycle and single solvent cleaning, this material delivers exceptional throughput. It is a high precision resin producing parts with a smooth surface finish and sidewall quality, and has excellent mechanical properties and long-term environmental stability that brings a new level of assurance to 3D production.


  • Tool-less, same day production
  • Direct production of small black plastic parts; examples include: motor housings, connectors, snap-fits, automotive interior and other general-use parts
  • Digital production to replace injection molding or soft tooling processes


  • Improved environmental stability of mechanical and performance properties over time
  • Fast throughput for part-in-hand with no secondary thermal cure required
  • Simple, single solvent cleaning
  • Excellent surface quality and repeatability
  • Accurate, low distortion material for fast first article print success


  • Fast print speed up to 62 mm/hr at 50 micron layer thickness
  • 70 °C heat deflection temperature, 12% elongation at break
  • Durability and strength
  • UL94 HB flammability
  • Biocompatible capable per ISO10993-5 and ISO10993-10
  • Exhibits thermoplastic behavior in necking at tensile break point