Take Advantage of Design Freedom

Additive manufacturing allows for a broad range of design opportunities with great variation in size, color, and shape of 3D printed parts. At Adia Inc. (Formally ACT 3D Equipment and Services), we provide innovative technology with unparalleled support and service. Freedom of design means being able to bring ideas to life and create parts for prototypes or fully functional final pieces. Below, we have included three of our most popular 3D machines, which can produce parts in industries such as footwear, healthcare, architecture, and more.

HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology streamlines design from prototyping to production with its thermoplastic materials. The MJF 580 is an exceptional full-color 3D printer that creates functional, durable parts ideal for a variety of commercial uses, including medical modeling, aerospace tooling, and more. The MJF 580 is smaller than previous production printers, making it accessible to offices where space is limited, and the acquisition cost of traditional SLS technology is out of reach. The functional final parts that the MJF produces are ideal for a variety of commercial uses, including medical modeling, aerospace tooling and fixtures, and more.

MultiJet Printing (MJP) by 3D Systems is known for its high accuracy. The MJP 2500 Series printers are extremely reliable, easy to use, and allow for functional prototypes, fixtures, and tools. The high resolution and accuracy are contributed to its unique print head, which can resolve fine details and complex geometries. In addition to its print heads, the precision comes from its powerful and efficient 3D Sprint software, included at no additional cost.

3D Systems ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology creates prototypes at an unmatched speed. The CJP 660Pro has full CMYK color capabilities which allow for models to be visually appealing, as well as highly accurate for prototyping and proof-of-concept. The ProJet 660Pro operates 5-10 times faster than its competitors and is referred to by many as a workhorse.

Our office is home to several 3D printers, including the HP MJF 580, 3DS MJP 2500, and 3DS CJP 660. We have dozens of models on display from the systems described above as well as a variety of other 3D printing technologies. Check out these parts on the ACT 3D Instagram, at @act_3d.